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profileWelcome to the Green Catholic Burrow!  I’m a wife and mom to 8; I’m also a rookie Catholic (Tiber Swim Team 2016! :)), a longtime homeschooler, dabbler in fitness, respectable cook, Molly Weasley wannabe, and general jack-of-all-trades.  Except lawn care.  I’m hopeless there – sorry, neighbors.  Truly.  At least the chickens eat some of the weeds.

So why the Green Catholic Burrow?

Well, it’s green for a lot of things.  I love green; it’s the liturgical color for Ordinary Time, a time for living and learning, and a symbol of hope and growth.  I’m also sort of halfway crunchy and environmentally conscious, so I have green covered there…and finally, I’m a “green Catholic” in that I am a new convert to the Catholic Church, coming from a conservative Presbyterian background.

It’s Catholic because – wait, I already told you that.  Twice.  Pay attention.

And it’s the Burrow because the Weasley’s house reminds me of my own: the big noisy family, the disarray, the overflowing bookshelves, the gritty real life, and the love and happiness.  I want to be Mrs. Weasley when I grow up, and I wish I could wave my wand and make the dishes wash themselves.


family edited
The whole crew.



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  1. Addorable !! Congratulations to you and your family.
    May our Lord continue pouring down His blessings over you. And May our Blessed Mother be your support in every step of the way.

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