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The Feast of St. Joan of Arc, the easy way

We wanted to have a French party for the feast of St. Joan of Arc, since she is Rebecca’s confirmation saint. So we did, kinda. Since we are getting ready to move, for most of the day my kitchen looked like this:20160530_152536.jpg

And like this:



Basically, like this:


It’s French. Says so right there on the box.

So, we had “French” pot roast.  It’s a lot like any other pot roast, but I added wine. We also had croissants from a can, and, um, salad.  With French cafe music in the background.

And, eclair for dessert.  The sort made from graham crackers, generic French (!) vanilla pudding, and Cool Whip.  And canned frosting. Haven’t had it? It’s luscious. Look for Eclair Cake on Pinterest and you’ll find your way.

It was definitely low labor, but it was fun and the kiddos loved it. 🙂


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  1. Looks yummy! Because (sadly, perhaps!) desserts made with all that processed stuff tend to be way more delicious than they ought to be! At least we’ve all gotten to the point in our lives where we realize you have to take enough time to do stuff like that in the midst of packing to keep yourselves from going insane. Would pictures of our current mess help?? 🙂

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