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Catholic Religion Courses Online: {with a special coupon code!}

Have you ever wished you could find high quality, affordable Catholic religion courses online?

I have, for sure. When I was homeschooling as a Catholic convert, it was really tough to teach Catholic doctrine while I still had so much to learn myself. This is one part of why we decided to put our kids in Catholic school instead. (The rest of why? Oh, so complicated. But it was definitely the right choice for us. I’ll probably write about it someday.)

Aside from homeschooling, online courses are also important for the folks who desperately want to get to RCIA, but just can’t. What can we do for them? No one should stumble over their conversion because getting to RCIA is impossible. Health, work schedules, and transportation can all get in the way.

Then there’s the convert who needs to explore some troublesome or confusing doctrine. RCIA can’t cover everything in the depth that some people may need.

Well, I found a gem: I’m delighted to bring you a 10% off coupon code just for my readers, too.

(Know all about already and just want the coupon? Here you go: Enter CatholicBurrow20 to get 10% off your order.) has a huge selection of online religion classes for use by individuals, families, and parishes, whether you are:

  • in RCIA
  • thinking of entering RCIA
  • teaching RCIA
  • a cradle Catholic wanting to deepen your understanding of the faith with a Catholic theology self-study (a great Lenten discipline!
  • a convert wanting to dig deeper or understand some particular troublesome doctrine
  • a parent needing affordable Catholic homeschool religion curriculum
  • or a Catholic parish or school religion director or teacher needing adult or children’s religion curriculum.

About was founded in 2004 by Fr. James D. Zatalava, Catholic priest of the Diocese of Altoona, PA. It is a comprehensive source of Catholic religion courses online.  All their courses are guaranteed faithful to the Church, and all employees are required to sign Pope St. Pius X’s Oath Against Modernism.

They have a pageful of endorsements, including Episcopal Advisor Bishop Robert Vasa, Cardinal Dolan, Cardinal Burke, Dr. Scott Hahn, Karl Keating (founder of Catholic Answers). It’s an impressive lineup that gives me confidence that all of the courses are going to be rock-solid.

Cathy Duffy also has a review of focused on the elementary level courses for homeschoolers. You can find it here.

The Courses

When you go to, you’ll find their online religion courses divided into the following categories:

  • Liturgical Seasons 
  • RCIA – RCIA, Young Adult RCIA, and Adult Faith Formation II
  • Individual Adult Courses – includes religion courses in Old and New Testament, the 7 Sacraments, Understanding Catholic Prayer and Spirituality, the Theology of the Roman Catholic Mass and Liturgy, Mariology, and lots more.
  • Sacramental Preparation Courses– All the sacraments in adult and youth, plus Quinceanera. (Well, the Baptism course is only in adult, of course).
  • Home School Religion Courses – both grade and topic based
  • High School Religion Courses
  • Children’s Religion Courses — grade based
  • Children’s Religion Courses — topic based

You’ll also find a very useful course calculator that will help you decide which courses you need for what purpose (sacraments, RCIA, etc). I love this tool – it can be so confusing to know what exactly is needed, and converts usually want to know things like that NOW. Up front. Amirite? (Or is that just me!?)

Individuals, parents, pastors, bishops, schools, and parishes can use these online religion courses; they are in-depth, high quality, affordable, and designed to lower the workload on the teacher (or student, in a self-study context!). According to a quote from the website:

We handle the planning, the material gathering, and much of the teaching. You have no more need for expensive book purchases and the evaluating and grading…we don’t require expensive books. Everything is done online.

I personally especially like the Liturgical Seasons courses – so many converts are overwhelmed by the liturgical calendar, which is a shame, because it is such a gift to our souls. 

Flexible Religious Education Options

Here’s how it works. The larger online courses consist of independent series, which you can purchase separately. Each series is made up of of individual classes which can also be purchased separately.

For example, you could purchase the best-selling RCIA program for $79.95, a $237.34 savings off the combined cost if you were to purchase all 81 lessons individually. Or, you could purchase just one series from the RCIA package, such as The Life of Christ and the Gospels for $24.95. This price includes 21 in-depth lessons on that topic.

Or, you can simply buy just one (or more) of the individual lessons (such as The Institution of the Holy Eucharist) for $3.99 each, which is an amazing value for the meaty lessons that they offer. This kind of flexibility means that is able to meet the needs of a wide variety of people, from the homeschooled 3rd grader to the knowledge-hungry convert to the RCIA director of a large parish.


So, with all the advantages, there are some reasons that might NOT be for you. Nothing is perfect for everyone! You might not like if:

What if I can’t make it to RCIA?

While it’s always better to go to RCIA at your parish, sometimes work schedules, family needs, and health issues make that impossible. Some parishes will allow you to use, so you can study at home on your own time. If this is you, it would be worth asking your RCIA director if they would be open to working with you in a program like this.

Parish Programs

Are you a parish religious education director looking for either a new full curriculum, or an excellent quality supplement to the one you already have? Or, maybe you have a need to accommodate special circumstances with online courses. already serves many parishes, and offers a guarantee that they will save you money from your previous curriculum when you give them a try:

Guarantee: Try for your parish and we guarantee that we will provide you with a curriculum at least 20% cheaper than your previous year religious education materials cost. (from the website)

10% Off Catholic Religion Courses Online – Special Coupon

Here it is! I’m delighted to pass along a 10% off coupon just for Green Catholic Burrow readers! If you want to try out, enter CatholicBurrow20 at checkout to get your discount.

It’s great timing to be thinking about homeschool curriculum for next year. Religious Educators are doing their planning. Lent is around the corner – maybe you want something different than giving up chocolate this year. Check them out here, and don’t forget your coupon!

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