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These resources, like this blog, are dedicated to helping you with:

  • Considering Catholicism
  • A conversion process, your own or a loved one
  • Learning more about the Catholic faith or deepening your faith
  • Establishing a keep-it-simple Catholic household
  • Catholic homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling your Catholic family. 
  • Large family living

This list is continually updated. If you have a resource that you love, I’d be delighted to hear about it – please share!  Leave a comment or reach out on social media.

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Conversion Stories




The Saints


Nuts and Bolts, or what is holy water, anyway??

Liturgical Living




 Favorite Blogs

Now That I’m Catholic – Thoughtful, clear writing from a recent convert.

Not So Formulaic – Catholic motherhood, homeschooling, gifted/twice exceptional parenting.

Reconciled to You – “Writes about her Catholic Faith and relationship with Jesus, which is sought through and lived out in the everyday, ordinary of life!”

Convert Journal – A treasure trove of resources, conversion stories, and other encouragement for converts.

Carrots for Michaelmas – Liturgy, homeschooling, and literature. A favorite of mine long before I ever imagined I’d ever be Catholic.

Prayer Wine Chocolate – Prayer journaling, Catholic fellowship, and blooming where you are planted.

FemCatholic –  “Where feminism + Catholicism meet” – great stuff. Women’s issues are one of those things that usually have to be explored no matter where a convert is coming from.

The Joy Filled Catholic – A revert writing about the joy of the Catholic faith, and sharing resources that brought her back home.

La Joie Inattendue – Unexpected Joy – “An unlikely Catholic convert’s reflections on becoming a mother of 4 in less than 4 years.”

Cathlogic – A revert writing about the faith in the light of logic and reason.

Arma Dei – Equipping Catholic Families – Lots of great resources for learning to live the liturgical year.

Catholic All Year – Catholic family life and liturgical living. – If you are or were Reformed, or you have Reformed friends or family, or want some meaty answers to theological questions, go here. I spent hours on this blog when I was contemplating conversion, and they were hours well spent.

Sweeping Up Joy – Catholic faith and family life, and reflections on coping with a child with a serious illness.

Elizabeth Clare – Lovely Catholic blog by a fellow convert with a lot of homeschooling resources.

A Knotted Life

House Unseen Life Unscripted

This Ain’t the Lyceum

The Christian Freethinker – This is my hubby’s blog. He’s pretty awesome. Just saying.

Shameless Popery

A Catholic Newbie – Not recently updated, but still tons of resources for the new Catholic.