How to model and teach generosity and charity to kids in difficult circumstances.
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How To Teach Generosity {When You Don’t Have Much to Give}

(This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission from purchases made through affiliate links. My opinions are entirely my own. You can see my full disclosure policy here.  Thanks bunches.) Sometimes, I feel like a miser. Our finances have been rickety for a while. Then, last year they got better! Woot! But this… Continue reading How To Teach Generosity {When You Don’t Have Much to Give}

An encouraging post for busy times in our lives.
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In Defense of Being Busy

"Oh, I'm so busy!" We have a love-hate relationship with being busy, don't we? Wherever we are in life, there are voices that will try to make us feel guilty about it. On the one hand, we have a lot to do. We have families, jobs, responsibilities, hopes, dreams, hobbies. Our days fill up fast.… Continue reading In Defense of Being Busy

Hectic, busy times can be a kind of desert in our lives.
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A Desert of Busyness

Life gets complicated, sometimes. First off, we did move again, so here we are in a new state. We actually left North Carolina on the very day that we traveled there last year, in an odd, unplanned coincidence. Now, we're in the middle of all the unpacking, the tortuous paperwork, and errands involved with relocating… Continue reading A Desert of Busyness