cropped-profile-attempt.jpgWelcome to my new blog!  If you happen to have followed me over from my old, neglected, dusty blog Diligence Without Fear, you’ll notice that there have been some big changes for our family lately, namely that we have converted to the Catholic Church, and also that we finally (finally!) have obtained that long-sought full time job and will soon be moving from Utah, our home of 16 years, to a brand new town in North Carolina!  You’ll also find that I will share some oldies from that blog occasionally, and that we have a new baby whose birth story I haven’t written yet.  He’s only a year old, guys.  Give me some time, here.

So, I’ll blog about all kinds of things, but especially about our Catholic transition and our relocation.  When the dust settles I’ll turn my attention to our new town, homeschooling, and my efforts to simplify and minimalize our crazy, chaotic life.


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